The Diva

photo 1Photographer. Blogger. Creative Chick. Digital Media Rockstar. Wifey. Sports Fanatic. Animal Lover.

I am in love with life and laughing until my abs hurt. I am passionate about discovering new things everyday and then telling the world about them. I am a fan of social media and anything iGadget-esque. I enjoy texting the people I love hilariously, funny, random things in the middle of the day just to make them laugh.

In an effort to harness my wildly creative brain I launched a line of greeting cards called “by the Diva!” It meshes my passion for photography with my adoration for bringing joy to people’s lives. I find them cute, quirky and fun. I hope you fall madly in love with them and purchase every single one! You can check out my Etsy Store Here!

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