Quilts in the works…

Hello and Happy Fall!

Update time and sharing some great new fabric finds!  Fall is officially upon us and staying cozy under quilts is happening a lot here lately!


My daughter told me she is too big for the first quilt I made her when she was five.  Her feet stick out of it and she wants a new one.  I came across Winged by Bonnie Christine at Art Gallery Fabrics and decided that would be the perfect fabric for my girl who is now 7!


Here is a sneak peak of the quilt top laid out before I pieced it together.  Now it’s third in line to get quilted!


I have to finish the binding on a fun “pieced together without a pattern” quilt that I mentioned in my last post and then next up to finish is a quick and funky quilt using Sweet As Honey.  This is also from Bonnie Christine at Art Gallery Fabrics.  I think the print is adorable and I love all the orange.


Recently I have been using a lot of Art Gallery Fabrics, I love how soft they are and the quality is great!  I also, have had great luck at Hawthorne Threads and Bobbie Lou Fabric Factory purchasing fabric for two quilts I plan to make in November as gifts for Christmas.

One last fabric find that showed up today while I was reading blog recaps is Umbrella Prints.  I love the designs and color combinations they create.  They have an ETSY store also which may be easier since they are from Australia!

Umbrella Prints fabric

Thanks for stopping by today and happy sewing friends!!!

xo Marisa

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