The New Line “by the Diva!” Has Arrived!

Since RisaAnn Designs launched, I have been the girl behind the girl who creates amazing accessories… And in some weird quirky way, I kind of liked it. I got to showcase my sister’s incredible ability to take a piece of fabric and create beautiful amazingness! My job has been fun- I have marketed us via social media, snapped the photos, kept the blog calendar publishing along and babysat the kiddos so we could hit our shipping deadlines!

In one of our meetings that consisted of my sister sewing and me on my Pinterest iPad app showing her new Image-1ideas, a cute little idea of my own started to take root. I am ridiculously creative and I really needed to be creating something the world can’t live without. We started brainstorming and over the course of the last couple of months I narrowed it down. I took my passion and love for photography and meshed it with my passion and love for creating little notes of happiness.

Today, on a random Monday, I would like to introduce you to “by the Diva!” greeting cards.

There is a sneak peek of inventory in Our Store and I will be rolling out new listings as the week goes on!

Cheers, Desiree’

One thought on “The New Line “by the Diva!” Has Arrived!

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